On Thursday we had Thanksgiving at Nana’s house. When we got up we had cereal for breakfast. Then we watched TV while mommy and daddy were still in bed because they were very sleepy. Nana got Aunt Shelly’s dog, Dude, out of his crate and Aunt Shelly, Emma and me went on a walk with Dude. The clouds were blocking the sun, so it was cloudy. It took a long time to walk because Emma wanted to turn right instead of left. Right is a longer way to Nana’s house, and left is a shorter way to Nana’s house. Emma got to pick which way to go, and she chose to go right. And it took about 10 minutes to get back to Nana’s house. My legs started to hurt!!! I didn’t say anything about having to walk for a longer time, because I just wanted to walk, and not talk a lot. We got back to Nana’s house after a little while. Grandpa woke up and he looked tired because his eyes were almost shut. Mommy and Daddy woke up and came downstairs and they looked tired, too. Daddy was stretching and mommy was grumpy. Daddy had bagels for breakfast and mommy had NO breakfast because she doesn’t eat breakfast a lot, she just has juice. I was doing math papers and everyone else was watching the parade. I didn’t want to watch the parade because I had to finish my math work. Grandpa checked my math papers and he said that they were great. Grandpa was a math teacher so he knows all of the answers. Grandpa made celery and stuffing while the parade was still on TV. Emma helped Grandpa make the stuffing for the celery. I sneaked one piece of celery. I would like celery better it wasn’t so hard and have too many celery strings. After grandpa made the stuffing for the celery, Aunt Shelly made all kinds of pie and Emma and I helped make the apple pie. The night before Thanksgiving Aunt Shelly made all kinds of pie like Apple Pie, Pumpkin with cream cheese and Cherry with cream cheese (Grandpa doesn’t cream cheese in his pies) and chocolate pie. She made chocolate chip pie too!
Then Uncle Mark, Aunt Kerry and Great Grandma came. My cousins Allie and Kyle and Nathan came, too! We played with toys. After we played with the toys we took out the new tables and put the old table in a different spot so we could have more people at our table. Then all of our family came to visit, and we got to play with cousins. Then we ate our food. The food was delicious. We had pie after we ate our food. Aunt Shelly passed the pies out. Our cousins stayed a little longer to play. Then they left and went back to there house.


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