The Backwards Book

My mom read a book to me, and it was called “The Backwards Book.” My Auntie Nina wrote it 1994 when she was in school. It was good because I liked that the book was backwards. The book was about Ben who was made backwards. That mad him sad, and different for all the other books. He got read a little. Ben was very sad because no one wanted to bring him home and read him. He wanted to be the same as the other books. One day the librarian took a basket of the old books that need to get changed to the new books and took Ben to the basement where all the old books went.

Ben was scared  because someone told him that the basement was creepy and filled with spider webs, and once you got in the basement you never got out again. He asked one of the other books to help him, but no one wanted to help.  Then another kind book thought to help him. He asked her to help him change to a book like all the other books.  But she told Ben that he was just fine as he was, because all the other books were all different too. Some were different colors and sizes and special because they were all different.

The next day the librarian came down and she took a basket of one more pile of Books. Then she saw Ben and took him back upstairs because he did not belong down in the basement.

He went back to his shelf where he was now very happy.

I liked the illistrations, my mom drew for the book.

My Auntie Nina will be very happy to have the book back for Christmas because she has been looking for 17 years to get it back.


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