Today is Saturday. My family and my Nana went to Cabela’s. we looked at the animals, and we went to the huge fish tanks were really BIG fish swim around. They have all kinds of fish in the aquarium. My favorite fish there was the biggest, the catfish. They are not very pretty fish, but my dad says they taste good. I don’t know, because I’ve never tasted catfish. I think catfish is a very funny name, because cat’s and fish probably wouldn’t be very good friends. The cat fish even has what looks like whiskers. My mom says that anything that ugly shouldn’t be eaten.
My sister got a fishing rod for surf fishing. Its way to big for my sister to hold. She is short, but the fishing rod is SO tall. It looks like it would hit the ceiling. My dad says that you sit on the beach by the ocean, and then you cast out your line and just wait for a big big fish to swim along and eat your bait. I’ve never done it before, but my dad says he will take us when winter is over. We looked at a lot of lures and we bought a lot of them. My lures have a lot of colors on it. I think that the fish might find the colors and want to eat them right up because they look like candy. I made sure that the cashier put my lures in my own bag so my little sister didn’t take them. I needed to know whose was whose. When we got outside it was raining! The weather man said it was suppose to be warm! But it was VERY cold and windy and rainy. My dad and I ran to get our car. Nana, Mommy and Emma waited by the front of the store so we could pick them up. We were being nice because we didn’t want them to get wet and cold. They were very happy that they didn’t have to get wet, too.


One thought on “Cabela’s”

  1. My parents used to take us surf fishing when we were little kids. It was a lot of fun. And your dad is right, catfish is delicious! I found you through Erik’s blog.

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