Testing for Red Belt

On a Saturday my family went to the TKD studio because my sister and I were testing for our Red Belt. We had a training class before we started to test. When we were done with the training class we had to wait for the “little tykes” class to test before we could test, because they are mostly little kids, and our teacher didn’t want them to get tired and then do poorly on the their tests. I remember when I first started TKD training. I only had a white belt in the beginning, so I used to be in a little tykes class too. The little kids did a great job!! After that us older classes went next. The first test we did was for patterns. Thats when you show the “moves” or “motions” for the rank you are testing for. Since I was testing for a red belt, I did all the patterns to show how well I did learning all the patterns. My sister took the same test. After the patterns testing we did step sparring, kicking, and punches. Step sparing is fun because we get to show how well we could do if we ever competed with another student with a red belt. It takes a LOT of practice to become a good Red Belt, and we had to show our teacher how well we remembered all of our lessons. After kicking and punches we got to break boards. They are real boards and they are very hard to break if you don’t kick it the right way. Ever color belt has to learn a special kick to show the teacher on testing day. Emma and I both broke our boards. If we couldn’t break them, then we wouldn’t be able to get our red belts. Sometimes our teacher lets us try a few times because he knows we can really kick it the right way, but sometimes kids need a few chances. Our teacher is very nice to give us that chance.
After we did our breaking we had to answer some questions that the teacher had taught us while we were still training for our Red Belt. I think my sister did a good job. I think I did a great job, too!!!


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