At Nana’s House on Wednesday

After we unpacked we had grilled cheese for lunch. I had 2 halves. I also had an orange. Then I helped Grampa with his lights. After that Emma went to ride her bike. When Aunt Shelly went outside to walk Dude Emma went with her and I wanted to play with her. I went outside and it was raining so I went back inside. I built a lego set but it was too hard. For supper we had salad and ziti (z-d). For dessert I had both ice creams, butterscotch syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and 2 cherries. That was very good ice cream!! Then we watched TV and went to bed.


One thought on “At Nana’s House on Wednesday”

  1. Great details. It feels like I was there. You left out the ice cream flavor, a very important detail for some of us. Have a great day. Mr. W.

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