My Birthday

On Sunday my friends Erik, Josie, Mr.W, and Mrs.W came over to our house. My Grandma came over too. We celebrated my birthday. We went to Happy Tymes. It took a long time to get there. When we arrived we got out of the cars. We went inside the building and got our tickets. We got 60 tickets. Then we played golf. We did 9 courses but there was 18. Then we rode the go carts. We had to wait in the line for like 30 minutes. Then we went. The race was for 5 minutes. Then we went home because it was 5:30 and that line was so long that it took up the time. Then we picked up the pizza. We had that for supper. Then we opened presents. I got a lot of Legos to build with Erik. Then we played upstairs. After a little bit it was time for cake and ice-cream. We went back upstairs and almost finished the lego space shuttle. Then Erik, Josie, Mr.W, and Mrs.W left the house.


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