At Nana’s House on Saturday

On Saturday I got put of my bed at 6:36. Then I went downstairs. Then Emma and I watched TV. Then we had breakfast. I had eggs and waffles. Then I played on my iPod. Then we went to dig the hole. Then we had lunch. After lunch I went back to Nana’s house. Then we packed up for us to leave later that day.  Then we went to do the Easter egg hunt. We got candy inside the eggs. We had supper after that. I had ham, pineapple, peas, sausage, corn, fruit salad, mashed Potatoes, and kabosse. Then we had dessert. I had two pieces of ice cream cake. Then we went back home.


2 thoughts on “At Nana’s House on Saturday”

  1. Ha! I almost called you to see if you had any tips. They were just perk test holes. Got to dig two of them. Someone else’s car wouldn’t start and the person needed them dug before today. So I thought I’d give it a try.

  2. Can you guy’s show me how to dig a hole and what flavor icecream cake, was there chocolate crunchies? Sounds like you had a great trip. Mr.W

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