The Baseball Game

On Friday we went to a baseball game. It was a long trip. While we were going to the game we got food. I had french fries and chicken. Then we arrived. We went inside and looked around. We got lemonade. Then we went to our seats. We sat in the front. The Yankees and the Iron Pigs were vs. each other. Then the game started at 7:05. In the middle of the game I got the ball. I also got a T-shirt. When the game was over we went home. The Yankees won.


3 thoughts on “The Baseball Game”

  1. I can’t excatly say “boo Yankees” because they are from Scranton, not New York, and they are going to be close to where we are moving. GO PIGS! (I am going to a Pigs game on June 28th!)
    Erik 😀

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