Going to the Pumpkin Place

On Saturday our family went to a pumpkin place. Click HERE to go to the website. First we went to get our wristbands. Then we went on the mazes. There was three big mazes. Then we went to feed the chickens. They were not hungry. After we fed the chickens we went on the zip line. I went on 3 times. After that we went to jump in the hay. My dad threw me once and threw Emma a lot of times. He said I was too big. Then we went on the hayride. We went around the pumpkins and then we got off and picked our pumpkins. I picked one that was just right for me.  Then we went home.

Here is what my pumpkin looks like.


4 thoughts on “Going to the Pumpkin Place”

  1. Definitely too big for Daddy to be throwing you around. You are very tall and strong. Keep up the good work with the posts!

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