The Baltimore Tournament

On Saturday it was the tournament. When we got to the High school (which where it was held) we signed in at the front desk. I couldn’t wait to do my patterns and sparr someone. We practiced our pattern to get it perfect. Then a lot more people came in. There were 185 people coming from one school. It was crowded in there. Then we saw a performance with sticks. It was really awesome. This one guy can do a summersault while spinning there stick! Then we waited for us to be called up. It was a LONG time so we had lunch. I had a sausage dog and emma had a hot dog. Then we went back in the high school and got called up. When I got called up I did my pattern. I did Choo-Moo. But I didn’t win. Then they called us for the medals. I got 6th place. Then I did sparring. I kicked the other person real hard. I only got 1 warning. They gave out medals and I got 6th place again. Then we went back home.

This is me doing my pattern


This is my medal


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