At Nana’s House on Wednesday 3/27/13

On Wednesday I woke up at 6:45. We watched some TV and had breakfast. We had breakfast at 8:00. I had blueberry waffles. They were yummy. Then we went outside. I played snowball with my sister. I got to go to the book store to pick out some books out of the book store for my birthday. I got two Hardy Boys and a Blue Dolphin in the Sea. When I got back we had lunch. I had a turkey and beef sandwich for lunch. Then I studied my verse for Bible Club. Then I studied for my black belt testing. Then I read one of my Hardy Boys. Then I watched TV again. Then it was supper time. We had manicotti for dinner. We had  salad with it. Then we had dessert. We had cupcakes with chocolate icing. They were  delicious. Then we watched TV. Then we went to bed


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