At Nana’s House on Thursday

On Wednesday I woke up at 6:45. I read my Hardy Boys again. Then we watched TV. We had breakfast at 9:15. We had egg sandwiches, and they were delicious. They were awesome! Then I had to get a motor for the lawn mower. My dad and I got the trailer from my Nana’s camp. When we got back I played on my ipod while my sister and my dad played golf on the wii. My dad got in the sand once. My dad won golf. My family got to see my Nana’s new house. It is very close to my cousins house to we can ride our bikes there when we come to visit my Nana. Then we picked up my two cousins, Nathan and Kyle. Then we went home to play ipod games together. We played blockheads together and I had a lot of fun because I don’t always get to play it with other kids. Then I played wii against my dad. I played tennis with him, but I lost. My cousins got to play against the winner and they lost as well. The only one who won against my dad was Kyle in baseball. My auntie shelly made pizza for us. It was pepperoni and sausage, some had onions—I hate onions. Then we had dyed Easter eggs. I had lots of fun because I only get to do it once a year. Here is a picture of me dying Easter eggs


Then we had dessert. We had an Oreo cake. It was delicious. It was for my birthday. For presents I got two target gift cards, 3 cards, and a Yankees shirt.
Then my cousins left. After they left I went to bed.


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