Philly on the Train

On Saturday we went to the train station to go to Philly. We got our black belts and my dad said, ” You can go to Philly on the train if you get your black belts” When we went on the train I sat near the window with my dad. We were going to the Franklin Institute at the spy exhibit. We saw a short clip and then saw all the cool spy gear that spies used in the past Then we visited the big whale and we went into it 4 times. Then we went to the rocket. When it was my turn I got it to go 50MPH. Then we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe which I got a juicy burger with fries. Then we went home but we missed our train because we had to go to the bathroom. We had to wait an hour.

One Hour Later

We got on the train to go to the train station. We went to the car to go home. Today was FUN



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