Camp on Monday

On monday I woke up and we had breakfast: cereal. Afterwards we went on a bike ride for about an hour and a half. We were trying to get to the village bakery but it was closed on Mondays, so we all whined, But there was a restaurant, “the Harvest Cafe”, and we ate there for lunch. I got a buffalo chicken wrap. It was very tasty.

After Lunch we went back to bring back the bikes to the campsite, and then I play UNO with Erik. There were heavy storms coming so I took a shower. We had dinner Pasta and Meatballs. My sister and I made the meatballs and everyone said they were very good, and I think they were Right!!!

We made “sh’mores” (as my dads friend calls them). As we ate sh’mores we sat near the fire. We went to be bed when we were all done with dessert.


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