The Crayola Factory

On Wednesday I went to the Crayola Factory. They did some new things since the last time we went there. First we got our tickets. Then I made my own crayon with my name on it. i got too wrap the wrapper. Then I made my own marker. my colors I wanted were blue, green, and red. It turned orange. We went to the show about how workers make a crayon. Then we had Mc.Donalds for lunch. We walked there. After lunch I got to pick some sugar candy. Then I made a circle crayon and my mom made a heart of a crayon. A machine melted a crayon and it turned into wax. It put the wax in a shaper and let it cool down so it could stick together. When it was done, I did spin art with 2 crayons. Then I made a t shirt. After the shirt I went to the gift shop to get a desktop timer. Then I went home.


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