Swimming at Camp

On Sunday I went swimming with Kyle and Nathan. I had so much fun. I got to play with the football in the pool too. We played catch with it. We swam for about an hour and then had dinner


Making My Own Ice-Cream

On Saturday at my Nana’s Campground there was a make your own Ice-Cream thing. I helped with the toppings. When the line was over I made mine ice cream. I had 3 scoops of cookies and cream ice-cream with hot fudge, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, sprinkles, M&M’S, and Reese’s pieces. Then I went home.

A Day With My Dad

On Saturday my dad took me to a plane show. I got to take pictures of these cool planes that people made for about half a year. At the show we had an early lunch. I had a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup. Then we went to a park where I could take some pictures. Halfway the camera died so we got a milkshake and then we went home.

The Crayola Factory

On Wednesday I went to the Crayola Factory. They did some new things since the last time we went there. First we got our tickets. Then I made my own crayon with my name on it. i got too wrap the wrapper. Then I made my own marker. my colors I wanted were blue, green, and red. It turned orange. We went to the show about how workers make a crayon. Then we had Mc.Donalds for lunch. We walked there. After lunch I got to pick some sugar candy. Then I made a circle crayon and my mom made a heart of a crayon. A machine melted a crayon and it turned into wax. It put the wax in a shaper and let it cool down so it could stick together. When it was done, I did spin art with 2 crayons. Then I made a t shirt. After the shirt I went to the gift shop to get a desktop timer. Then I went home.

Packing Up

On friday we woke up at 7:00 so we could pack up. But first we had cereal. Then we started packing up. When we were done packing up we left the campsite and went back to the museum to see who won the program. My sister won. She drew a picture of a monkey, and they made it for her in glass. 

Then we went to Friendly’s for lunch. Our friends came with us. I got Pink Lemonade and Fried Chicken. It was good. Then we said goodbye to our friends and drove back to our house. 

We had an awesome vacation!!

Camp on Thursday

When I woke up my dad made breakfast: eggs, hash and toast and my friend Erik cooked the toast and I buttered the toast. Then we did a talent show that we had been practicing for the entire week. We had asked other campers if they wanted to be part of it, and we showed our talents up by the playground. I was the director of the show.

After our show we went on a hike which was VERY long. We had lunch in the park; PB and J. We went to the bakery again because Monday we had tried and it was closed. I had a chocolate cupcake. Then my dad took us to drive go carts. I went very fast and had lots of fun. After the go carts we went to Walmart.

Then we went back to camp and made T-shirts about all the things we did on our vacation.While we were making our T-shirts my dad got a call that one of us was picked for the program “you design it, we make it” at the glass museum. They had chosen mine or my sisters drawing. Then we had dinner, camp stew, and we had camp fire cones for dessert because we really liked them. Then we played with balloons and went to bed.