Merry Christmas Everyone


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year. Have fun opening presents! Merry Christmas!

What was your favorite present that you opened?


At Nana’s house on Tuesday


It was about 3:10 when we arrived. We unpacked and helped out in the yard. The lawn mower couldn’t move. When we fixed it I got to drive it. Then I played hill climb on my iPod touch. I love that game. Then we had supper. We had sausage dogs. They were nice and juicy. For dessert we had vanilla wafers an chocolate whipped cream mixed. It was AWSOME! Then we watched TV. After TV we went to bed.


Today I let Emma draw a picture for my blog

Today I let Emma draw a picture for my blog

Emma being a singer


Digging a hole


On Saturday my dad and I went to dig a hole. We had to dig it because someone needed a sewer. Aunt Shelly taught my dad how to use the tractor. Then we went to the place to dig the hole. I got to ride on the back. The ride was like a roller coaster but slower. We had to dig the hole 4 feet deep. Then we dug another hole. I got to sit in the front when my dad was digging. Then we dug 4 feet deep. We went home after that.


My Shoes


Ethan, your shoes are untied. April Fools! It’s April Fools Day!